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Sunday, January 23, 2011

slow like a snail

this weekend I spent many hours in my studio, working on a Christmas Row Jane
made in 2oo5 with participants from the States, UK and me. Susan
was one of the ladies. It waited 5 years now to get finished. Due to the fact that I'm teaching a Dear Jane class locally I'll get practice with the border and scalloped edges on this UFO - NOW
I asked for input on a private Yahoo group and Barbs proposal was to add stars into the kites - because of the Christmas fabrics
I choose F 7 Star Struck for 3 corners and will do G 6 Papa's Star in the 4th corner. To get it matching I'll do it it 3,5 inches and frame it like F 7

Unfortunately I made the wrong fabric choice, it would have been much better to have a red background and a golden star ....
But I learned a lot - stay tuned

Next question:
would you do the fabric of the scalloped border
in creme/golden or in red ?????????????
HELP please

a n d BTW: there are 3 spots left in the pay it forward game ....

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