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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I have to post several times to tell you EVERYTHiNG
about my adventures with Bonnie Hunter and the Retreat I attended.

The time with Bonnie Hunter (BH) was really special, she is a darling!
Full of energy and creativity, a joy to meet with!
I was in contact with for more than 8 years we tried to remember,
as mostly it started with Dear Jane - smile
I traveled from Thursday until Monday evening.
Stuttgart is just 2 hours from my actual hometown, but I organized the trip like a real vacation, choose just a very simple hotel to keep the cost level low.
No problem I was there just to sleep ;-)

My first stop was at the home of Susanne,
she is running THE big Yahoo group for quilters in Germany and has a webshop.
But the interesting part now is:
she is an expert for Featherweights!
When my husband was in Afghanistan in 2005 I got some extra money from him each month
and I bought a FW from 1936 with an 110 V engine.

It was not really running and made a terrible noise. Of course I bought the right converter, because we do have 220 V.
My friends DH gave my baby a nice cleaning and oiled it but it still did not run nice.
Susanne showed me all the little holes to oil and the parts which needs the lubricant – AND
YEAH it’s buzzing like a bee now!
Another problem was the tension of the belt. Now I know,
I have to move the engine to get the right tension – lession learned.
DANKESCHöN Susanne !!!

Thursday afternoon I visited the quiltshop in Schönaich, who organized the first workshop “Cathedral Stars”.
Tiny, but nice shop – they sent me over to the workshop location to say hello to Bonnie.
Bonnie greeted me like an old friend and I saw the participants busy sewing on their 4 patches and pieces.

Thursday evening 2 friends from a private Yahoogroup arrived.
Since 2oo5, when I was in Shipshea I’m part of
the Caravanquilters (that’s the name of our little group).
Valerie is French, now living near Paris and is running a Longarm business. She moved several times during the last years: Brussels, Belgium and Chicago area
Carolyn is from Maine and was just traveling to Rome, where her daughter is studying. They both came to the Stuttgart region just to see Bonnie and her trunkshow! It was so much fun to meet Valerie again and Carolyn first time!
We had a lovely local meal in a little restaurant near bye and a long chatting later in our room, lots of laughers.
On Friday they made sighseeing at Mercedes and a local chocolate factory
I was lucky to have the Cathedral Star workshop
BH is a real good teacher, such an inspiration!
Everybody was lucky and busy –
a nice meal has been served as well for lunch.

This report will be continued soon
YES - pictures are coming too

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Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Es hört sich wirklich fantastisch an. Die Welt der Quilter ist doch eine ganz, ganz schöne!
Super, dass deine Featherweight wieder schnurrt ☺