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Sunday, January 15, 2012

in San Luis Obispo - meeting Elaine

On Wednesday we had a wonderful with Elaine, who took us to her favorite winery and offered a winetasting to us - delicious BTW
She drove us around to a lovely pier and her favorite quiltshop who has a lot of Jo Morton fabric in stock. Couldn't resist .....
We ended at Steamers, right beside the beach and a wonderful dinner with a colorful sunset. Margarita's where part of the fun
We are shure we made a new friend, Elaine is a darling!
Thank you so much dear

On Thursday we picked up great picknick boxes, called baskets and a real picknick later. We took the route # 1, later highway 101 and 135 to Carpenteria, that's south from Santa Barbara. We got some laundry done "fluff and fold"
The night was spent at the Holiday Inn, with 2 doubles and 1 sofabed. In the Delgados we had good mexican food and again Margarits .....

Friday was the first day we had sandals on the feet and weared 7/8 pants. It was about 25°C and we had icecream in Malibu, unfortunatly we haven't been able to get to the beach, because of private houses.
When you find a parkinglot you have to pay 25$ - that's crazy!!!
Around 12.3o PM we arrived at Florine's house in Brea (Los Angeles area). We did some groceryshopping to make Tiramisu and Mousse au chocolate and got ready to leave to Hollywood at 4 PM. It was a real long drive and we got to the Hollywood Blvd. "The Wicked" was the hightlight of this day. First we got Pizza nearbye. The car got parked from the guys at the parkingplace - for 15$
It was a wonderful evening

stay tuned - more to come

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