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Monday, January 16, 2012

Los Angeles area

On our way south we stopped in Malibu for an icecream, unfortunately it wasn't possible to have it at the beach. Most of the beach is blocked by private homes or the ask for 25$ just for parking nearbye - crazy. Caroline is doing really great driving, even in Los Angeles, which is crazy.
We arrived at Florine's house on Friday and together we drove to Hollywood to see "The Wicked" in the Pantage theater. Even with not understanding every single word it was wonderful, fantastic costumes and the theater is from the 20s (?) -

On Saturday Caroline and Julie drove to Ontario airport to pick up Kim and Deb, while Florine and I made the trip to Los Angeles LAX airport to pick up Carolyn from Maine. Now we are 7 of the Caravanquilters group here!
In the morning we stopped for lets say 10 minutes at Michaels, that's a craftshop and I bought some scrapbooking stuff - just a little bit. But it was hard to decide what ;-)

Yesterday (Sunday) Bonnie Hunter gave us a workshop nearbye together with friends from Florine: "My Blue Heaven". I'm working with a Jelly Roll: Mocha Mint
This was really fun!
We went to "California Fish Grill" the 7 of us and Bonnie Hunter with Sherry. The food was delicious, I had fried Shrimps with fries.
The evening was spent relaxing in the livingroom, checking mails

Today we will see "M&L fabrics" - I'll report later about it - pictures ???

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Cyn said...

M&L Fabrics is a fun place to explore. I hope you find a treasure or two.
Your trip sounds wonderful so far. California has lots to offer visitors and residents, too.
Sooooo excited to see you on Thursday -- can't wait!
Cyn; -)