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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Batic Dear Jane

In preparation for some XMAS secrets I searched in my stash and
- SURPRISE !!! -
the missing Dear Jane blocks from my first try popped up. Big fun
2 blocks where in unfinished stadium,

E 11 was appliqued from my friend Monika except the four little quartercircles in the corners, so I appliued them - looks great

and one of my scary blocks: G 6 (Papa's Star)

here I found the centerstar ready (PP), the big star and the background was ready to sew. I finishied this by hand and - I'm glad it's done and astaound it wasn't that difficulty I thought.
At the beginning of 2oo9 I'll see what to do with the Batic/handdyed blocks - a little wallhanging may be - any idea for ~ 40 blocks??


Luenetraum said...

Klasse, es geht weiter und wird bestimmt ganz schööööön.

Kim said...

Love these sort of happy surprises! Pretty photos of the birds in migration and the wonderful bag that you received, sigh, it is beautifully done up just for you! :)