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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lesson learned - again BTW ...

Like several times ago I planed a quilt, nothing new until here. With the fabolous fabrics my DJ Secret Pal sent me - THANK YOU, unknown Janiac whereever you are

I did it - this time - the oldfashioned way: on paper, because I was at my friends home. Complicate as mostly, Monika declared :-)

I sewed the blocks 11" ready - easy

added the sashing 1,5" ready - easy

added a border - and the trouble began

BECAUSE I left the plan - tada

next border include 72 rectangle Siggies, the Janiacs signed for me, when I attended in November 2oo5 in Shipshewana - great memories -
And I realized my measurement wasn't correct ...........

What did the study told me??? not to store the project away toooo long

because of the short term memory - is that a menopause thing ??? ;-)

here is the actual stadium - watch for the next step

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