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Monday, October 27, 2008


You may ask: what the heck is that - cinderellaing -
Tilde from Copenhagen / Danmark encourage the members of the WIProducers Yahoo group from time to time:
to clean the ironing board, the desk, the sewing area, the floor and so on
to get rid of all the stuff growing in piles EVERYWHERE

YOU don't know this phenomenon??? lucky you
I know it very well, I have to confess. This studio is much bigger than every space I haver had - it's a dream !!! when it is clean and nice
It was a nightmare, even the lovely Jo Morton fabrics I bought in April
( yes, 6 months ago !! )

waited on top of the table to be stored.
From time to time I enjoyed how nice the colors and patterns are -

but today I mad the big change here.
I emptied a space in my drawer and put the Jo's into it.
I'm shure I'll open this drawer to look at the fabrics until they are ready to be used - no problem :-)
I cleaned the piles on the floore, magazines, books, patterns, scetches with ideas, samples .........
Fabric on different places from various projects, actual once and long ago once as well, good mixed.

WHY today??
Tomorrow 2 wood worker will show up with heavy stuff to clean the whole floor in the house and oil it. They plan to work 10 hours per day, 3 days in a row.
Tomorrow the dog is part of the "gang" again, no idea what I'll do with her the other 2 days. This is going to be interesting ...........

The resume: I am totally tired - but glad I did it
and to say the truth, without the men coming it wouldn't had happened.

no pics today - sorry

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Grauchen said...

Hi to all,

surely not with Brigitte's permission .... but I could provide you with some bloody nice pictures of all the stuff piling up almost everywhere.
Hm, better you don't take me serious ... of course it's nothing but a joke

Friendly regards to everybody
B.'s DH