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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

shopping at JoAnn's and Piecemakers

Today Julie and Deb have fun at Disneyworld and the three of us dropped them off before we shopped at JoAnn's. For the German readers who don't know JoAnn, they have really good prices and a lot of items on sale (30 or 40 %) AND you can get coupons Online, this time we had a coupon each good for a 50% discount of one item of your choice. I couldn't resist to buy an Ott-Light, running with batteries - very light weighted, easy to carry without access. I used the 50% coupon for a cute purple crafttote I LOVE !!!! Unfortunately the Martha Stewart punchers had been on sale (30% off) - tari tara tirallala
Searching for special needles we need for the Sue Spargo class we counded find there somebody pointed us to the "Piecemaker" quiltshop. That was one of the first international shops I ever realized. My friend Sabine L. from Hilden made a really amazing Piecemaker calender quilt (with the railroad, mill, chickens ....)
So we had a 15 minute drive to Piecemakers, which is a wonderful shop!!!! The people there have been so friendly and helpful, nice decoration and wonderful stuff to buy. The hit was their kitchen: the offer a potluck type all-you-can-eate for just 5$ !!! Funny was the soup, it was Polish cabbage soup, delicous. And the cakes have been wonderful
Always we are making short decisions and have special moments to keep in our memories. In fact we have been not to far away from Huntington Beach, so had a 20 Minute stop, took some pictures, found shells and enjoyed ourselfs.
Again, it was a wonderful day!!

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Kim Andrews said...

We had a great day, didn't we? I am so glad we were able to visit the stores and the beach.